Online networking

Meet & Connect

Each participant has their own business card. These are conveniently presented on the Meet & Connect page. By clicking on a business card, you can view more information about the individual. Approach your desired contact by opening with a chat message or a video call invitation. During the conversation you can also add people, so that you can introduce colleagues or put people in touch with each other. Sounds like good old-fashioned networking in a modern online environment, right? Experience it first-hand.

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Meet & Connect 3D

Kick back and relax in the 3D Meet & Connect. This is ideal if you want your visitors to unwind after a number of serious subjects. Have a nice chat or play a game of basketball. It’s a very fun way to get in touch with each other.

On this virtual, tropical island, it truly feels as though you are walking around with visitors. Talk to each other, see each other’s facial expressions and involve others in your conversation. Sounds like networking!

Trade Floor

The exhibition floor can be seen as a sponsor page or partner page. These are interactive pages where companies can present themselves. This was designed to accommodate the demand from live events. It is comparable to a real exhibition floor, but then online. Here you can find more information about the company and immediately see which employees are present. By clicking on the business card, you can invite the employee to chat or video call.

Each company can customise the page with its own content such as whitepapers, articles, downloads, photos, text and videos. As a company, you can also offer different sessions or sponsor them. The companies can also be divided into categories, such as for themes or level of sponsorship, such as gold, silver and bronze.


Network carousel

The platform features a networking carousel. A great way to get to know new people. Visitors can be put in touch with one another via the network carousel. You can easily set in advance how often and for how long visitors can talk to each other. For example, 10 dates lasting three minutes. At the end, you will receive an overview of the individuals you have spoken to. If there was an interesting date among them, you can quickly get back in touch to make a follow-up appointment. With Meet & Connect, you can re-connect in no time.