The leading event platform for physical, hybrid and online events.

Developed by professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the event industry.

Eventleader takes you on a journey through the world of physical, hybrid and online events. From registration on the platform to webcasting. From creating live polls to a virtual exhibition floor and 3D gatherings. The possibilities on the platform are endless and can be fully customised.

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Clients such as Rabobank, various government agencies, Flora Holland, ANWB and VNG have already used it successfully. The average rating for our events is currently a resounding 8+.

The unique features of Eventleader at a glance.

Eventleader can be designed according to your own look & feel – as if it were your own website. In the custom colours of your corporate identity and branding. This immediately gives the visitor a feeling of recognition and familiarity.

After registration, the participant receives his or her own profile page. This page also serves as your business card within the platform. On your profile page you will also find your personal programme selection.

The programme page displays an overview of the different programme components that are offered. The page can be divided into half-day, multiple-day and main topics.

As soon as the visitor navigates to the livestream, it is possible to welcome him to the event via a video message. After viewing the welcome video, the visitor is automatically directed to the live session.

Each participant has their own business card. By clicking on an individual’s card, you’ll find a brief introduction and the option to contact them with a chat message or an invitation for video calling.

Kicking back in the 3D Meet & Connect. On this virtual, tropical island, you truly feel as though you are strolling around with visitors. Make direct contact, view each other’s facial expressions and involve others in your conversation.

With interactive sessions you manage your webinars, online meetings and events. Participants can also join with video and audio and in the content library, speakers can easily upload their presentation.

The platform features a networking carousel. A great way to get to know new people. Visitors can get in touch with one another through the network carousel.

The exhibition floor can be seen as a sponsor page or partner page. These are interactive pages where companies can present themselves. It is comparable to a real exhibition floor, but then online.

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