All features of Eventleader

Eventleader takes you on a journey into the world of physical, hybrid and online events. And thanks to our unique Eventleader platform, built by our own developers, the possibilities are virtually endless. From registration on the platform to webcasting, and from creating live polls to a virtual exhibition floor and 3D encounters. The platform can be fully customised to your wishes.

Invite and register



Profile page

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In a few easy steps you can invite visitors to your event. Visitors can then register directly online. Quickly and simply by entering a first name, surname, email address and additional details. After registering, the participant receives a personal profile page. This page is also the visitor’s business card on the platform.

Video message and livestream

Welcome video</span


Advance session recording

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As soon as the visitor navigates to the livestream, a video message can be presented to welcome the visitor to the event. This can be done by the chairman of the day, the managing director of the company or a cheerful hostess giving you a warm welcome. Eventleader provides a smooth livestream from your office or a professional web studio. Visitors can follow the livestream from home. It is also possible to record your session in advance. Ideal for speakers from abroad who have to cope with time differences.

Your own event website

Own event page

Personal programme

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Our own platform programmers and designers can customise is according to your inspiration and wishes. You then have your own event page, in your own style, design and colours. We add your personal programme, and you have your own event website with unique content.

Online networking

Meet & connect

Meet & Connect in 3D

Digital trading floor

Network carousel

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Each participant has their own business card. By clicking on a business card, you can view additional information about the individual. Approach your desired contact by opening with a chat message or a video call invitation. Would you like to kick back and relax in the 3D Meet & Connect? Here you can have a light-hearted chat or a game of basketball. The platform also features an exhibition floor. These are interactive pages where companies can present themselves. It is comparable to a real exhibition floor, but then online. It is also possible to meet new people via a network carrousel. Visitors can connect through the carousel and get to know one another.

Smart notifications and interactive sessions

Smart tools

Interactive sessions

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If you are logged in as a visitor to the platform, you can receive smart notifications. This is done via a pop-up at the bottom of your screen. Notifications include, for example, that your session will start in 5 minutes or that someone wants to chat with you or make a video call. The interactive sessions on the platform take place via Samba. This is where you manage your webinars, online meetings and events. Anywhere in the world, on any device, for an audience of any size. We have also fully integrated Zoom into our platform.

Technical support

Online manual


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We have a professional online helpdesk for technical questions. Before, during and after the event, our specialists are there for you. If something isn’t quite up to par, we will assist you immediately. There is also an organisation helpdesk to help people from the organisation as quickly as possible with any substantive questions. No stress, dropped connections or tools that don’t work. Nothing but a carefree event with professionals who are there for you.

Custom made

Eventleader can be purchased as an all-in-one solution. You can also, however, opt to have it completely custom made. This can include features such as a 3D environment, exhibition floor or sponsor page. Our own platform programmers and designers build it completely to your requirements.