Your own event website

Your own event page in your style

Eventleader can be customised according to your own look & feel. As if it were your own website. Featuring the colours of your corporate identity and appearance.

This immediately gives the visitor a feeling of familiarity and recognition. A personal touch. To trigger visitors even more, you can add your own unique content to the homepage. This can include information about the programme, introduction of the speakers, cool videos, teaser videos and professional photos. It is the perfect way to turn visitors into bookers.

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Personal programme

In the programme section, you can view an overview of the different programme components that are on offer. On this page, each part of the event has its own tile. Behind each tile you will find a specific programme component, such as a stream page, a networking component, a breakout session, etc.

The event’s programme can be divided into a portion of the day, several days and main topics. The different programme sections are presented below. Clicking on them will give you more information on the programme component and you can proceed to the relevant session.