Live sessions and video content

Welcome video

As soon as the visitor navigates to the livestream, it is possible to present a video message to welcome him to the event. This can be done by the chairman of the day, the managing director of the company or a cheerful hostess who gives you a warm welcome. This makes it immediately personal and welcoming. After viewing the welcome video, the visitor is automatically directed to the live session.

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No overcrowded kitchen table, faltering connection or messy background. Simply the experience of watching TV. Eventleader provides a smooth livestream from your office or a professional web studio. Visitors can follow the livestream from home.

Interactive module

In addition, we offer the option of an interactive module alongside the livestream. Here, visitors can direct questions to the team in the studio. You can also answer polls or create Word Clouds. All highly interactive, so that viewers don’t tune out. Questions can also be made live, which participants can like. Then you can see which question gets the most likes and is therefore relevant.

Trade Floor

On this page, you can give your partners or sponsors a prominent place. Put them in the spotlight, they deserve it. They can receive a link to their own page, where they can promote themselves with unique content. Visitors to the event can get in touch with the company with just one click. Networking at its finest!

Pre-recorded session

It is also possible to record your session in advance. This way, you are guaranteed to have excellent content. This is ideal for speakers from abroad who have to cope with time differences. It’s the perfect way to keep a grip on your presentation. We can stream the recorded presentation live, so it truly becomes part of the programme. To keep things interactive, we place a chat module next to the stream where viewers can ask questions that can be answered by the speaker or an individual from the organisation. This ensures that you keep the viewers involved and it gives a highly professional impression.